Client Requirement: 

Arcadia Solutions completes design and installation of a new pro audio system, PA and visual solution for St Paul’s Church in Beckenham, taking into consideration Church and building regulations, with a focus on sound dispersion and aesthetics.

St Paul’s Church Beckenham

Arcadia Solutions were recommended to St Paul’s in respect of their audio and visual upgrade. The existing audio system currently consisted of four speakers, located at the front of the church and half way along the central isle. The speakers were mounted on pillars controlled by a central Soundcraft Mixing Console, with control over the Altar microphones in addition to the performance area stage boxes. Visual requirements were serviced by a large projector and screen at the very front of the church.

St Paul’s Church New Sound System

Our solution included a complete cabling design and installation using the existing cable channels along the aisles, then blending with church fabrics. Working with Seb Peccia from Monowave, we provided a proposal which offered a PA, playback, recording and visual upgrade with a user-friendly integration.

Our St Paul’s Church installation included 6 Flat Screen HD Displays. Two 60” Displays mounted at the very front of the Church, either side of the central arch. Two 42” Displays mounted on pillars half way along the Church, a 12.5” Display for the Organist and a 19” Display close to the Alter.

All the displays were connected via CAT 6 to a central control and distribution system, allowing control over each display and synchronisation with the audio. For the Organist, because of the location, there is no line of site to the central isle. The solution was to provide a display connected to a discreet fish eye camera now allowing the Organist to visually connect with the aisle and be in sync for performances such as weddings.

To provide balanced audio dispersion throughout the Church along with sound performance too during larger performances. Four Audac WX502 Passive Speakers were mounted above each pillar angled downwards.

We also installed two Audac GIAX Passive Speakers based upon line array technology allowing for focused audio projection down the central Church space. The GIAX speaker blended pleasantly with the Church fabric. Both the WX502 and GIAX speakers are powered by Audac Digital Amplifiers.

For the desk, the client was aware of improvements in mixer technology since they purchased their original Soundcraft mixer, we recommended the Allen & Heath QU32 Digital Mixing Console due to its simple user interface, onboard dynamics and effects allowing for control over the forward Lectern Microphones at the Alters Lectern, Pulpit and clergy desks.

The QU32 is connected via CAT 5 to the Allen & Heath AB168 Breakout Box installed at the front of the church allowing for microphones and instruments to be connected. We also installed a further Stagebox on the opposite side.

Also installed, a Signex Induction Loop, Denon DN-300Z Multimedia Playback System and TOA Radio Microphones. Arcadia Solutions.

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