The Qube – London’s New Home for Creators

The Qube is located in West London and is a central hub for creative professionals to network and collaborate. The Qube, Co-Founder, Nicholas Sonuga, contacted Arcadia Solutions due to their requirement for a sound system solution to be installed throughout the Qube Studios complex. The systems main function is to evenly distribute background music for all the commercial areas of the premises.

Qube studios establishment is split into various communal zones including: the reception, members lounge, open workspaces, main recording studio VIP Lounge, restrooms and connecting corridors. Our commercial audio sound system solution included all of the areas listed above. Qube’s layout approach is mainly open plan, which is designed to allow as much natural daylight in to the public spaces as possible. Therefore: the audio solution needed to provide a comfortable, evenly distributed sound, with excellent audio clarity throughout the open spaces.

Commercial Audio Speakers and Amplification Solution 

Arcadia Solutions recommended several speaker and amplification options; the solution which ticked all the boxes in terms of simplicity, aesthetics and sound quality was the Bose DesignMax DM3SE passive speakers.

Bose DM3SE and Powerspace 4150+

The DM3SE features a two-way 3.5-inch woofer and .75-inch coaxial tweeter mounted within the Dispersion Alignment system delivering a frequency range of 75 Hz – 20 kHz. Bose’s Dispersion Alignment System is found in most DesignMax speaker models. This system ensures a consistent audio coverage throughout the listening area by matching the coverage of the woofer to the wider pattern of the tweeter. These speakers are powered by the 1U rack mounted Bose PowerSpace 4150+ multi zone control system and integrated amplifier.

Arcadia Solutions installed the Bose DM3SE’s into four individually controlled zones, with all audio cables discreetly incorporated throughout the building into to the reception; which is where the PowerSpace 4150+ is located along with Qube’s music streaming sources.

The Qube Main Studio Equipment supply

Arcadia Solutions were also integral in the supply of the equipment for both the main recording studio and the other writing and production studios within the Qube Studios complex. The equipment supplied included a Mac Pro, OWC Thunderbay installed with 3 x 2TB SSD’s & 1 x 4TB HD, Heritage Audio RAM5000, Neumann U87 Studio Sets and Neumann KM184 Micorphones.

Arcadia Solutions also arranged the installation of the Dynaudio Core Elements main monitor system, which is a model and design by Dynaudio unique to The Qube. This works alongside a Trinnov ST2 room correction system also supplied by Arcadia Solutions.

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