Arcadia Solutions completes specification and installation of background music system for Bar & Restaurant, Stairwell, Lavatories, Upper Restaurant & Bar and Outside Terrace for Piccolino Italiano Knutsford.

Piccolino Restaurant Knutsford Lower Bar & Restaurant

Piccolino Restaurant Knutsford has undergone a complete interior and exterior renovation. Arcadia Solutions services were employed to specify, supply and install a sound system which would provide a full and pleasant sound, providing excellent sound dispersion and which would perform at background and high volumes.

The Lower Bar & Restaurant are split into two separate Zones. We chose Ecler 103 cube speakers due to their discreet design but excellent sound quality mounted in key locations so that the sound is still pleasant at lower volumes. We needed to add Sub Bass speakers too but due to the open and airy nature design of the Bar and restaurant, there were no obvious places to install them, so we chose Audac CS1000S ceiling mounted sub bass speakers which can be mounted in obscure locations, delivering quality bass sound, while not affecting the aesthetics. DJ inputs were also provided at three different locations.

Piccolino Restaurant Knutsford Upper Bar & Upper Restaurant

The upper Restaurant and Bar offers a lively, laid back atmosphere. The sound system in the Bar is tailored to perform. For this we opted for Ecler 106 speakers offering a wide frequency response working alongside an Audac Baso 10 subwoofer. For the Restaurant we installed two Ecler 103 speakers and an Audac CS1000S ceiling mounted Sub. DJ Inputs provided.

Outside Terrace

For the outside terrace, we mounted four Ecler 103 speakers on the central canopy pillar allowing for even sound dispersion, we also installed a Sub Bas unit too. This was mounted within a waiter station as to not affect the floor space.


Due to structural restrictions, it was not possible to install ceiling mounted speakers in the lavatories so we opted for Ecler 103 speakers mounted in key positions.